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Binary Trading Strategy Profit Thousands of Dollars

Binary Options trading is an activity carried out by companies or people who want to buy and sell shares in order to make a profit. So, traders who want to invest in Binary Options must understand the potential benefits as well as the risk of losses that may occur during the activity.
One of the things that is quite interesting in this business activity is the time limit that lasts, one of which, for 60 seconds (1 minute). So, in that period, traders can observe price movements to then get results, whether profit, or loss.
Thus, it can be said that this business system requires high analysis. If your analysis is correct, you will get a profit of around 80% of the capital. But if it's wrong, you certainly won't get any profit.

Binary Trading Steps
To better understand what trading activities are like in Binary Options, you should pay attention to the following easy steps.

  • Select Assets

Binary Options is a place for traders who want to enjoy a variety of benefits from valuable assets, such as stocks, gold, oil, and foreign exchange rates. For this reason, the first thing you have to decide when you are going to start trading is to choose between those assets, which one you most want to use for trading activities.
After that, you need to look at the direction of the movement of the assets you have chosen. For example, you want to trade stocks. When predicting the value of the stock will go down, you can take a Put action. But if the value is expected to rise, you can choose Call. If you want to understand it better, you can do the exercises through a Binary Trading demo first.

  • Choosing a Broker

The next step you need to do is to choose the right broker. Each broker usually offers diverse assets or types of commodities. Some of them even provide bonuses for new members and additional value on each first deposit.
In addition, each broker also offers various types of accounts for new members. By choosing the right account and broker, the opportunity to make a profit can be even greater.

  • Determining the Deadline

Every business transaction on Binary Trading has a time limit ranging from 60 seconds. In addition, there is also a longer duration, which is up to one month.
But if you are still a beginner trader, it's a good idea to choose the type of transaction with a short expiration time. This is useful for you to be able to understand the direction of trend development while minimizing the risk of losses in large numbers.

  • Look at Market Trend

Binary Trading Brokers generally have information about the general trend that is happening. But to ensure that the direction of movement that you want to aim at can be right on target and provide many benefits, you should also not hesitate to do activities to exchange information with other traders. That way, you also simultaneously understand which commodities have the highest volume.

  • First Exit

When you find that the transaction activity that you are doing has the potential to experience a loss, you can immediately choose a way out first (early exit). This can be done before the active period of your trading transaction expires. So, you can still save profits without worrying about the reduced balance.

  • Binary Trading Strategy

In order to be successful in this Binary Options business transaction, you certainly need to be able to determine the right strategy. Here are some binary trading strategies that you can use to maximize profits.

  • Trend Strategy

Trend Strategy is the most popular strategy chosen by traders, especially beginner traders in carrying out Binary options business transactions. Because, the existence of a trend can make it easier for traders to see price movements that will ultimately determine whether he will benefit or not.
When prices rise, traders can immediately choose 'Call', while when prices go down, they will certainly choose 'Put'. Usually they see the trend using the Moving Average (MA) or Trend Line indicators.

  • Pin Bar Strategy

The pin bar is one of the reversal signals that are often trusted by traders. Its appearance is even very reliable and considered important. In this case, the pin bar can be the main indicator, it can also be a tool for confirming and estimating the direction of price movements.
To see price movements, you can look at the position of the long axis of the pin bar. When the long axis is at the bottom of the candle, it is called the bullish pin bar. While when the pin bar above occurs after the candle has been bearish, it is predicted that the price will turn to be bullish.

  • Hedging Strategy

Hedging strategies are considered to be more flexible so it should be considered for trading activities, especially to minimize losses. In using this strategy, Binary Options will not prohibit traders from putting opposite options at the same time on an instrument. So, trading activities can be easier so that opportunities will get even greater profits.

  • Risk Reversal Strategy

This Binary Trading Strategy is run by opening 'Put' and 'Call' simultaneously. Greater capital needs to be placed in a position that has the potential to succeed. So, not only minimizing risk, this strategy can also maximize profits. Such is the description of the Binary Trading Strategy.

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