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Exotic One Touch Variations in Binary Options

The most exotic variations in binary options trading activities are the Touch or No Touch options which are often also called One Touch. Predicting the direction of price movements and then whether the price is really exactly as expected, that's the exotic side of One Touch.
As already known together, binary options trading activities are trading activities with a working mechanism to estimate prices up or down according to the agreed time period or expired time. All options are set from the start of the trading activity starting or since the open order.

All options that have been chosen or determined since open order are the reasons why binary options trading activities are trading activities with very measurable risks. That is, what trading profit or loss trading that might occur has been estimated from the start.

"Traders are also very likely to measure strength. That can be calculated between the total capital held in each account and what is the most healthy nominal fund to be able to 'play' in trading, "

Application of the No Touch Strategy

Observing price movements, listening to the direction of the chart on the chart chart, and squinting the ears in looking at various fundamental indicators is the exotic side of trading activity. Whatever type of trading.

Both technical capability and fundamentals must continue to be sharpened as well. So even with a variety of knowledge that must be possessed when setting One Touch options and strategies, whether Touch or No Touch.

It is said, the key to the successful implementation of the No Touch strategy is when we are able to find assets that move sideways. The range of assets traded in it should be quite tight, although that is not absolutely necessary if the price given is out of range.

Next, look at the price of Touch / No Touch offered by the broker. Pay attention to whether the broker provides several alternative prices. Ideally, you should choose a price above the current price, and not below. Well, if the price is out of range, you should start considering trading. Alias, the No Touch strategy is the choice.

The Range of the Faster the Better

There are many things that must be observed when going to execute trading, either with the Touch option or No Touch. One of them, price movements far out of reach are better. Take for example when you trade an asset class in a USD / JPY currency pair. The range you have identified for example is between 101,100 and 101,250. In a case like this the No Touch price of 101,251 would be as meaningless as the price of 101,300.

Another important consideration is the expiration period. Faster expired time is said to be much better. Because, the sooner it expires, the less chance an unexpected movement will change the direction of trading that is likely to damage the range. New options can be immediately taken before trading ends and other surprises disrupt the direction of trading that we have mapped.

Another thing that must also be considered related to the Touch or No Touch option is the Touch option tends to pay higher than the No Touch option. Not another because trading with Touch option is trading with higher yields and No Touch, on the contrary. It's just not that Touch trading is better than No Touch.

To understand more deeply when to choose Touch or No Touch, it's certainly not like turning your palm. Need to fly in trading. Even flight hours will go along with the practice of trading. Remember, experience is the best teacher.

Well, why not start trading right away? To support the ability it's good to join various trading forums. One of them is the Wormtraders Forum, a forum established for young traders to draw and share trading knowledge.

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