Monday, 18 March 2019

Smart Chart Strategy, New Innovations for Binary Options Trading

Smart chart is a new innovation from binary options. This sophisticated chart tool will make your technical analysis even more exciting. It looks so attractive, surely you will be fascinated to see it.

Just open, select the 'source' menu where there is a smart chart option. Try selecting an asset class, then select the bollinger band indicator with the candlestick chart, as soon as your computer screen looks like hills decorated with red flowers and green leafy trees add to your passion for technical analysis.

Smart Chart has everything needed by professional traders

There are also facilities contained in the smart chart, namely:

- Powerful interactive graphics that can handle and visualize large data easily
- A smooth and intuitive user experience across desktop and cellular devices
- More than 100 technical indicators, comparison studies and 33 different images that allow all levels of analysis

Smart charts can be used for all types of asset classes found on binary platforms, namely, Forex, Indices, OTC Stocks, Commodities, Volatility Indices.

Apply Smart Chart

One of the facilities that we can enjoy in this smart chart is that we can compare several asset classes in one screen. Maybe you want to see trends from other asset classes while constantly monitoring the main asset class that is operating.

For example, we are opening a volatile chart of 75, which is illustrated by a candlestick with a thick line. Then want to know the condition of the volatility 25 index asset class, shown in green. The Volatility 50 index, shown in blue. and the 100 index volatility, indicated by an orange color chart. We can see it simultaneously.

From the picture above we can see that the asset volatility class 100 index is in a bullish trend, while the asset volatility class 25 index and volatility of 50 index are sideways.

Thus we can plan what strategies can be used to utilize this moment to the four asset classes simultaneously. Or you can choose one of them to play.

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This product is available on the binary platform, you can see and try it. Which will definitely make you feel at home in front of the screen. And in order to be able to apply the results of your analysis, immediately create a binary options account. It's free.

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