The Easiest Way to Increase Trading Profitability


Having many strategies is an important factor in trading. The main capital, of course, is money. However, actually the most essential capital is yourself.

Expertise in controlling yourself is the key. Be aware of any mistakes and immediately find solutions to be important in trading. Taking notes and learning every mistake is a good thing and needs to be done, especially for beginner traders. Make this a habit, so you will be easy to introspect yourself.

Opening the glue-sheet error does not mean dissolved in past memories. More than that: one way to be able to follow up on mistakes that have been made.

Capture the Signal

A good captain will not decide to sail during a storm. But if the storm suddenly comes unpredictably in the middle of a trip, it can't be helped, surely he will try to face as hard as he can to get out of danger.

After surviving, the captain will be even more expert on the voyage, he will even know the signals of the storm from the coastal wind.

Similarly, a trader, should know when to enter, and immediately leave, or even discourage open positions if the market conditions are not friendly.

This is not trivial. Because, in fact, many traders are not able to do it. And not infrequently make mistakes; realized or not.

Trading Is Not Speculation

Every position we enter always includes money. Do you want to play with your money? You don't. You will certainly regret it if the transaction fails.

Many beginner traders feel overshadowed by failure, as if every position taken is always wrong. Not infrequently emotions take over all trade. Then complete losses have been experienced repeatedly. "Trading is not speculation. Trading is a business that has a measure, both capital and profits. Even though trading can generate profits relatively quickly, all of that must be accompanied by self-control. "
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Do not hesitate to get out of the trade if it is at the percentage loss limit that you have set before. Do not insist on your predictions that deviate. Change strategy immediately when the market has reversed direction. Or look at any movements that conflict with your predictions.

Realize Mistakes, Profits Come

Try to pay attention to every trade, what makes you experience loss?
remind you of this, "Your profitability is often not caused by various indicators that you use, but how quickly you are aware and follow up on any mistakes."

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You can create a virtual account in binary options as a place to make mistakes. Experiment with what you want to do, to your heart's content. Study every error, why and how the solution.
In other words, the easiest way to increase your profitability as a trader is not by tweaking the parameters / setup of the trading strategy that you are running, but by eliminating the errors that you have been doing.