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binary options strategy for beginners, make profits quickly

Binary Options are trading models that use a certain time frame (contract), and are called binary because of the ease of use that uses only two types of trading, such as 0 and 1 binary calculations.

The binary option trading system can only produce two possibilities, namely profit or loss. If your analysis is correct, you will receive the results specified at the start of trading. If not, then you will only lose your initial capital that has been determined at the beginning.

How to trade on this binary system is very easy, here are the steps to start trading binary options summarized by

1. Select the instrument of the asset you want to trade (basic market)

The first thing to do is to choose the instrument assets that you want to trade, such as gold (gold) or oil (oil), stocks or prices of forex currencies.

2. Select the Trading Duration and Price Range

Each binary option contract has a certain time period, you can choose contracts with a duration of between 10 seconds to 365 days.

In addition, you must determine the price range to determine the price limit of the transaction.

3. Choose how you want to trade

Generally in the binary option system offers four ways of trading:

Rise / Fall - Analyzes the market up or down from the current level.
Higher / Lower - Analyzing the market will end higher or lower than the target price.
Touch / No Touch - Analyzing the market will touch or not the price target.
In / Out - Analyzing the market will remain or out of two price targets.

4. Choose your capital and potential profit

Determine your results, namely your profit potential if your analysis is right. The binary system will continue the calculation of capital, which is the total number of contract purchases that you can produce from $ 1 to $ 50,000 per transaction

5. Execute Binary Option Trading

If you are satisfied with the price you received, immediately execute your trading. With a unique binary platform, you will not meet with 'slippages' or gaping markets. And most importantly, without hidden costs.

You can also resell every long-term contract at any time before the contract expires to protect the profits you have earned or to reduce the risk of your loss.

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