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High-Low Can Be Profit in Bullish, Bearish or Sideways Markets

Another newest sub-contract of binary options that we will discuss this time, namely, Lookbacks High-Low. It turns out that this sub-contract can be used on bullish market conditions, bearish or sideways.

However, with a note, the price fluctuations are high. Because, the profit calculated from the highest price minus the lowest price multiplied by the multiplier number, without being affected by the price position when the time ends.

If we look at the candlestick chart, the shape must be long, be it the red (price decrease) or the green (price increase).

The longer the time set means the more capital that must be prepared. This applies to all three sub-contract lookbacks. If you want to use sub-contract lookbacks, you should pay attention to the capital you have. However, please note that the benefits can be unlimited.

Traders will be more calm if using a long duration. Because not the right closing price is calculated, but when stepping on the highest and lowest points for the duration of the predetermined trading time, even though the closing price can be in any position (up, down or middle).

High-Low Lookbacks Utilize Bearish Markets

We will see the use of high-low sub-contract lookbacks on the bearish market. Here's an example.

We select the 100 index volatility asset class, with a duration of 1 minute, multiplier value of US $ 2, the purchase price listed is US $ 23.92. We see the graph continues to move down quickly, so immediately take a position.

Until one minute then stops at the price of 5,433.28. Incidentally the slightest difference with the lowest price is 5,433.26. and the highest price at 5,449.99.

We calculate the potential yield, US $ 2 x (5,449.99 - 5,433.26) = US $ 33.46. The benefits obtained are, the results obtained US $ 33.46 - the purchase price of US $ 23.92 = US $ 9.54. Or by 39.88 percent. Seen in the picture below.

Lookbacks high - Low in Bullish Market Conditions

We select an asset class that has a bullish signal at the moment. For example, the volatility of the 25 index, specifies the duration of 3 minutes, the value of the multiplier is US $ 10, the purchase price is listed at US $ 29.10. Directly open position. The chart continues to rise until it gets the highest price of 3,032,647 and the lowest price at 3,028,038.

The yield potential is US $ 10 x (3,032,647 - 3,028,038) = US $ 46.09. So the total profit earned, the result is US $ 46.09 - the purchase price of US $ 29.10 = US $ 16.99 or 58.38 percent. See the picture below.

Lookbacks High -Low in Sideways Market Conditions

In a rough sideways condition, Lookbacks High -Low can also profit, you know. Let's practice it.

In the 100 index volatility asset class, the market is in sideways condition, but has a fairly high price jump. We can see this in the form of long candlesticks. As in the picture below.

Take position immediately. Determine the duration of 1 minute, the multiplier is US $ 2, the purchase price is US $ 24.24. After 1 minute has passed in the left chart shows the highest price of 5,528.34, the lowest of 5,515.08.

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So the results obtained are US $ 2 x (5,528.34 - 5,515.08) = US $ 26.52. Total profit, yield of US $ 26.52 - purchase price of US $ 24.24 = US $ 2.28. Or 9.41% percent.

Wow ... it's more interesting to trade binary options, especially by using high-low sub-contract lookbacks. Come on, make a binary options account to start trading, so you can get a profit sensation.

It's easy. Click the binary banner on the landing page. Follow the process of signing up completely. And if you want to consult or discuss trading problems, join the forum, free and easy.

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