Sunday, 21 April 2019

The most effective Binary and Forex Trading Strategy

Now we understand how market trends move. In essence, we can say that market trends move zigzagically, moving up and down at a certain point when touching support and resistance.

When is the right timing for the order? The answer is very clear now. The right timing for purchase is when prices are close to the trend line, because trend lines show not only the direction of the market, but also the support and resistance markets.

When prices move up and meet resistance when the downtrend (the upper trend line), prices are predicted to fall. When prices move down and meet an uptrend (bottom trend line), prices are predicted to bounce back up.

However, if we only see the 30 minute chart, where the candle only exits once every 30 minutes, our time will be spent only to take one position.

This is where the 1 minute chart is useful! Not only will this chart give you a clear and detailed reading of market movements, this 1 minute chart will give you more opportunities to take positions in the short period.

Here's how it works.

1. Pay attention to the 30 minute chart, and see if the candlestick is close to the trend line.

2. If the candlestick is close to the trend line, now consider the 1 minute chart to look for opportunities to take a position.

There are a number of things you must remember when you use the Right strategy

1. Always take a position in the direction of the market. Binary Options trading is about following trends, never going against the trend direction.

2. Take a position on the 1 minute chart when trading with a 1 minute option period.
This is very important because you are likely to lose if you trade with the wrong option period, because the chart and trading period do not match.

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