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3 Successful Binary Trading Tricks Options Uncovered!

Binary options are the latest investment instruments, once traded by bankers and investors internally at Chicago Options Exchange. Binary options were introduced to the public in 2010 and began to be talked about a lot at the end of 2013. Read to the end, I'll explain everything!
What makes interested binary options is because we can get a profit of 91% in just one trade.
What do you mean by trading by bankers and investors internally?

Yes, once only large capital bankers were able to enjoy the benefits of this binary option, but now everyone can enjoy it, thanking the internet so that anyone can trade online.
What do you mean a 91% profit in just one trade?

The point is that once you trade the profit is 91%, so if you trade 5 times a day, just multiply the profits
There is no binary option spread, no floating, no commissions and no swaps.
Now how about trading binary options?

Open a trading account after that select the assets to be traded and determine whether the price of the asset will rise or fall from the current price.
An example is I will trade gold assets
I chose gold then I analyzed the price of gold will go up or down, if it goes up, it means I choose to go up and enter the amount to be traded. Suppose I enter $ 100. If my analysis is correct then I get 91% profit from the $ 100 that I trade.
If you trade 3 times a day with 91% profit per trade, you can get a profit of 273% a day.
The problem is how to properly analyze an asset

Step 1

Yes, this is the most difficult. But you don't need to worry because I will share the methods used by bankers to predict price movements appropriately.
Have you heard Follow the trends or Trends is your Friend?
The words above are often asked by traders but it is very difficult to implement them. Now you have to remember ‘follow trends and trends are your friends‘.
Let's continue to analyze the movement of assets properly, here we will apply the Follow The Trends method. I have summarized it in 3 easy steps, just follow the steps below and become a profitable trader.

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First of all we have to do is open a binary option account, because if you do not have an account, it will be difficult to understand what I will explain below.
Please go to the Iq option to open your biary option account, fill in your name, password and email. After registering, you will have $ 1000 virtual funds that we will use for training.

Step 2

This method is used by many professional traders from all over the world and has been recognized as the most effective trading strategy. Following trends is a type of technical analysis based on monitoring historical data to identify and capture trend lines.
A trend line can be described as a continuous price movement in one direction. This line is based on the concept that prices always move based on trends.

Step 3

This step is important because at this stage we will set up profitable financial management when trading binary options. You must not trade carelessly. The most important thing is to regulate our capital with good management
The Golden 8.5%
The most effective financial management to follow is Golden 8.5%. What does it mean? simply like this, as a trader, we must not risk more than 8.5% of the capital we have. For example, if we deposit with an initial capital of $ 100, we should not risk more than $ 8.5 in one trade.

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