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Accurate binary options strategy

This time we meet in the theme of the conversation which is somewhat different from usual, this time I want to invite you to learn about a trading method, namely Binary options.
Maybe some of us are already familiar with the name Binary option, it can be said that this is a new way of trading forex, index, comodity as we have been doing but here is a plus that I managed to capture from this trading method and times I want to share this with you.

Before we go far, let's understand first. What is meant by binary option trading so that we will get a complete understanding of this trading model.
Binary options, also known as Binary Options, are trading methods that only use options or options that are basically almost the same as forex trading, except that we are trading in binary options limited by expired time, which is the time for our trading to determine Closing trade.
There are many choices for expired trades ranging from just seconds to minutes and some even use hours.

This means that after you choose the time that suits your taste, then automatically your open trading position will automatically close whether you profit or lose.
In this type of trading you do not need to install STOP LOSE or Take profit because the time you choose is the limit of your LOSE or profit value.

Example: when you open a trading position worth $ 10 and you choose a trading expiration time, say 5 minutes, then if that time is over, your trading automatically closes and if you lose then the value of your lose is only $ 10.
But unlike your trading if it turns out you are experiencing Profit trading then the value of your trading profit can be directly 200% or more depending on the broker you are following can provide a profit rate of what percentage of each transaction.

Some choices of types of transactions in trading binary options include:

Here you will make a transaction whether a currency pair will be high or low from the current price when you make a transaction

In this option you will be given a choice whether the price will touch a certain level of herga or not

In this option you will choose whether the closing price will be above or below the current price

In this option you will choose whether the price will be above or below (High or low)

Note: Usually the options given or available will vary in terms depending on each provider broker.

image of binary option options
Please observe the image above the upper left there are several options offered and you can choose it according to your taste.

In binary option trading, there are also many choices of products that are traded there, there are forex, commodity, index etc. try to look at the picture below.

Well there in the white image there are many choices.

Banefit Binary Options

The advantages and privileges of trading binary options in the area are:
- Time is short

- The level of loss is directly limited by the contract at the beginning

- The return on profits is very large at the same time

- Can increase profits to 200% in a single transaction

So, like this, the advantages of binary options trading are if you are interested, please join HERE

Accurate binary options strategy

There are many ways to make a profit in a trading binary option including:

firt tips

Use the 4 Step Order with the following 100% profit strategy.
Example of a First CALL Order with a value = $ 10 and wait until the time is expired about 15 minutes then see the results whether profit or loss.
If the loss do order 2 CALL with a value = $ 20
If the loss do the 3rd order CALL with a value = $ 50
Opportunity for 3rd order is 99% profit and 4th is 100% profit. For the 4th order you can order with a larger value for example $ 120 or more.
Return to the first order worth $ 10 if your order makes a profit. Perform this secret trick on an ongoing basis and see how your capital will continue to grow and increase ... Guaranteed 100% Success.
You can also choose 60 seconds short-term trading but you must really be able to trade well and profit.
This secret trick has been run by world binary trading traders and analyzed from more than 10,000 trades which results in more than 91% profit.

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