EUR / USD Strategy Runner

The EUR / USD currency pair is the most traded asset in the forex market. It can even be said, all forex traders must have made EUR / USD buy or sell transactions, at least once in a while during the trading career. Why not, the EUR / USD pair is provided by all forex brokers without exception, both in accounts with nano lot counts up to standard accounts.

However, not a few traders experience difficulties and wonder about how to be able to profit in trading EUR / USD. In fact, there are a lot of tricks on trading EUR / USD, including the EUR / USD Runner Tricks outlined here. Tricks have been set in a form that anyone can easily use.

Trading rules with EUR / USD Runner Tricks:

Check in the morning between 08.00-01.00, what is the lowest / highest value of the day.
If the price on EUR / USD moves 2 x grid = 30 pips (up / down) from the lowest / highest price then: OPEN BUY / SELL with 20-40 Target Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) 30.
After opening, for example Open Buy, the price moves 10 pips up, then the SL is also raised by 10 pips. If the market is good, TP can also be added before being touched, and so on. Can also apply Trailing Stop per 10 pips.
EUR / USD Runner tricks do not take advantage of any indicators, but are based solely on the estimate that if EUR / USD has moved 30 pips down from the lowest price of a particular day, then this currency pair will continue to slide in the same direction. Similarly, if the price has gone up 30 pips from the highest price, it will continue to move in the same direction.

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This trading strategy is based on the assumption that the character of EUR / USD is relatively stable and tends to be trending; if it rises it will continue to rise, while if it goes down it will continue to slide down.

However, one thing to note: Runner tricks like this only apply to EUR / USD whose spread is the lowest in the forex market and the movement has a bias for trending. Never try it on a currency pair with high volatility, such as GBP / JPY which has its own distinctive tricks