Monday, 22 July 2019


this time I will give you tips on how to trade binary without loss. , maybe for some people who are professionals in trading will not have the notion that trading will not be risky, that binary trading has no risk. But, do you know traders there are some fatal mistakes in trading, which in this case can be caused by you alone. If you make a mistake, you can be sure you failed as a trader. What are the mistakes that you must avoid? Here's the review:

 Do not have a trading system.

It was the first mistake and this included a fatal error. Why ? because, if you don't have a trading system, you can be sure that you are trading only on the basis of an approach that can be said to be a mess. If the system is just a mess, then how can you make a profit? Therefore, if we trade, it means that we have to have a method, have a trading system or preparation, as well as a strategy before starting trading to achieve the success that is your main goal.

  Don't want to study.

Never claim to be a trader if you are not interested in learning, and if you are not willing to study. Never wanted to keep up with information, progress in news related to binary trading.


If you claim that you have a trading system, but if you are also undisciplined on the trading system's provisions, it is very likely that you will experience a "loss".

  Do not care about money management

Money management, this is intended for you to be able to control risk as well as losses, so you don't experience loss.

 Ignoring the psychological aspects of trading

Traders can control emotions in trading activities, will be able to understand that not all positions demand to always make a profit. therefore I suggest that you should not compete in a hurry just because in the previous trade you experienced a profit. Planning before trading is also very much needed, so that you do not experience loss due to your carelessness.

 Don't be assertive

The point is, you can't think long when trading, you don't think of a loss of 100 pips just to get a profit of 10 pips? Remember that we can be called investors here. Trading requires strategies, and the right estimates so that you also benefit. If trading is not accompanied by a careful strategy, what is the difference between binary trading and betting? Here we act as smart investors in conducting transactions. Not someone who is just experimenting in trading.


Binary trading has become commonplace for the public, especially traders who remain faithful in analyzing price movements in these trades. Traders who still survive doing this trading, of course, have already got the benefits that you want.

This time for those of you who just want to join this investment instrument, you need to know what are the mistakes that you may have made yourself, those mistakes will prevent you from making a profit.

Keep trying to always be consistent with your principles that before trading, you really have to prepare a plan and strategy to start the transaction.

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