Friday, 26 July 2019

Strategi Trading The Golden 5%

How do you use the Golden 5% strategy?
The rules are simple, every time we trade, we can only risk a maximum of 5% of our balance. (the greater the amount of our balance, the smaller the risk). If your balance is above 500 $ then you can only risk a maximum of 4%. And if the balance is above 1000 $ the maximum that can be risked is only 3%.

This rule you must instill in yourself and absolutely must be followed in order to become a successful trader.

How do you use this strategy? For example if you deposit 50 $ at IQ Option then each transaction you can only buy a maximum option of 2 $

By using good financial management, our chances of success in trading will be even greater. Besides this strategy is also useful to minimize losses every time you trade.

Try to think if you have a balance of IDR 50$ and each transaction you use IDR 20$. That means you only have 2 times the opportunity to trade, what if from the two occasions it turns out your prediction is wrong, and you lose so you don't have the capital anymore? Think carefully before opening a position.

If you are professional and have a great strategy, it is fine to ignore the rules above, but for beginners, the above strategies must be followed and practiced.

Combining financial management strategies above with the trading indicators you use, you can certainly make consistent profits. If you are able to make consistent profits, you don't need to be afraid in this life anymore. Buy anything you can, wherever you can.

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