Monday, 15 July 2019

The Best Trading Strategy at Binary Options 2019

Binary options trading strategies vary greatly, ranging from those based on expiry time such as 1 minute, 5 minute, and 15 minute strategies, to those that apply certain indicators such as bollinger bands and MACD. There are also several strategies that follow the direction of prices such as trends and sideways trading, also those that rely on candle patterns such as pin bars and inside bars. Strategies that focus on trading methods such as hedging, reversal, and straddle also do not escape the list of methods that you can use in binary options. Below is a list of the 3 best trading strategies in binary options that you should try:

1. Strategy Trends
Inevitably, trend prices always bring invaluable potential. In both spot forex and binary options, the trend is widely valued as the most ideal condition for entries. Although binary options no longer account for price movements to weigh profits, open options when trending prices are strong are still preferred. This is because trends can make it easier for you to analyze the direction of price movements. If the trend continues, you can more easily take the "call" or "put" option more convincingly.

2. Pin Bar Strategy
This strategy relies on the pin bar, which is the formation of a candle with a small body and a long axis exceeding the body size. The pin bar is one of the reversal signals that is quite trusted by many traders. As both a primary indicator and just a confirmation, the appearance of a pin bar is always considered important.
The longer axis of the pin bar axis can be taken as a guide for estimating where the direction of the price will turn. For example, a pin bar whose long axis is located at the bottom of the candle is called the Bullish pin bar. If this pin bar occurs after a bearish candle previously, then the pattern can be a signal that the price will turn bullish.

3. Straddle strategy
The straddle strategy is still related to the placement of "call" and "put" options simultaneously. Here, there is an emphasis on price conditions and analytical methods that can help you find potential levels for option entry. Basically, the straddle focuses the focus on support and resistance as a price barrier that sets the "call" and "put" areas. Overbought and oversold levels on the oscillator indicator can also be used as a potential entry area.

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