Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Simple Trading Techniques, Just 30 Minutes Per Day

Everyone has their daily activities. Will this rush affect your trading? NO, as long as you know how to apply simple trading techniques on the sidelines of these solid routines. It is a big mistake to think that aggressive trading will help you get greater profits. Even though it only takes a little time to trade, but if the setup is correct, then this will help you get profitable and consistent trading results.

Important Points of 30 Minute Trading Techniques There are two important components that should be known before proceeding further to simple trading techniques using Setup 30 minutes per day: 1. Analyze With Daily Time Frames First, make sure that the Time Frame is Daily ). Next, do an analysis based on the last Chart that was formed when the New York market closed. Why do these two conditions have to be met in this simple trading technique? Market noise tends to be slight when analyzing during the initial opening session of the Sydney session.

When trading volumes are low that you can take advantage of 30 minutes to do various analyzes. It starts by determining Trend, important Support and Resistance levels, and looking at possible trading signals. 2. Set And Forget With super busy, you are only allowed to see Chart 30 minutes per day. Immediately execute the Entry (Buy or Sell) when it has found a tested signal. Determine Stop Loss and Take Profit according to Risk Management. After that, close your Trading Platform, and forget everything. This action is known as set and forget, meaning plug and forget. There is wisdom that can be taken from doing this action.

 A trader who fights too often with trading or is too intense in monitoring charts, has a greater chance of losing his money on the forex market. Therefore, don't be a trader who is addicted to watching price charts. Concentration can be split when mixing daily routines by analyzing trading. Disclaimer: The set and forget act is not the Holy Grail.

 You are entitled to Exit from the current position before reaching the planned target. Of course this change of plan must also be balanced with strong reasons. For example, when you see a signal Breakout or a change in Trend opposite than predicted.

Keep the mindset to carry out trading according to plan, but if you see a BIG SIGNAL that the price has the potential to move opposite from the current position, please rush to do a Cut Loss before the Floating Loss gets bigger. Advantages of 30 Minute Trading Techniques Not only superior in terms of saving time, there are a number of advantages that are ready to wait if trading with just 30 minutes per day. If there are simple trading techniques without spending a lot of time, why not try? Come on, consider the following benefits:

More Opportunities For Consistent Profit Simple trading techniques with low frequency or not too involved yourself in it is the best Win-Win Solution scenario. Focusing on the daily chart and not too intense changing the plans that have been made will increase your chances of making money consistently. In addition, you will also have more time to rest. Because according to the plan at the beginning, the time used is only 30 minutes per day.

Having Time to Develop a Trading System With less involvement in front of the trading screen, the mind can become calmer. You can also focus more on thinking about future plans, which is to develop simple trading techniques that are currently owned. In the end, you will be able to develop a superior trading concept and a high percentage of success. Keep in mind that having the right mindset of trading is not easy and takes time.

Trading with 30 minutes per day can make you have a lot of free time to explore and learn many things. With increasing time to plan, it will be easier for you to get a profitable and consistent trading system. Your Activity Is Not Interrupted You are busy, everyone is busy. Therefore, spending hours a day staring at trading charts is not ideal. This is intended for traders who have other routines such as working in the office, self-employed, or have other busy activities. By routinely taking just 30 minutes to trade every day, the routine will not be interrupted. In fact, gradually, you can know how to apply simple trading techniques without working.

After placing a position, leave the trading Chart and check the results for the next day. From here you can know whether the Trading Rule was successful or not. More Cost-Effective Trading Another 30 minute trading technique advantageyes what you can get is more efficient in terms of transaction costs, both spreads, commissions, and swaps.

 As is known, too intense to take the time to observe trading charts can trigger overtrading. In the end, too many positions are opened, the greater the transaction costs; especially if it turns out that prices move against the predicted direction because of carelessness in conducting analysis.

 Example of a 30 Minute Trading Technique Still guessing what the application of simple trading techniques is like by setting up a 30 minute setup today? No need to worry, because here you will get a more detailed explanation about how to do it. The first stage can be started by scanning or checking thoroughly the pair you want to trade. Next, observe carefully the long-term trends that are currently taking place, then the short-term trends. For example, you can check the Long Term Trend in the Time Frame weekly first, then check the Short Term Trend that is happening in the Daily Time Frame.

From the scanning, you will be able to find important points, including: whether the market is Sideways or Trending, where the key Support Resistance levels are, and so on. If you've met all of them, can I open my current position? Wait a minute, don't hurry! Record all the results found in your Trading Journal. From here, you can only confirm whether the trading signals in the pair have been tested enough to be traded or not. Let's take one example. Look at the EUR / USD pair below.

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