3 Indicators Often Used in Iq Option


To learn about understanding indicators, however, we only have to do practice first before each indicator is suitable and comfortable for us to use, the most accurate and beneficial indicators we get through the results of research and practice of each indicator. period and practice of conducting experiments by combining indicators.

On this occasion we will briefly discuss how to use and read the most accurate indicators, which on this occasion I will discuss them first:

1 Flactal Indicator

This indicator is in the form of an up arrow (green) and an up arrow (red) with a point Call / up, a red arrow appears below the candlePut it down / down, when a green arrow appears on the candle

2. Alligator indicator

The alligator indicator has a function to determine the trend that will occur and helps analyze how strong the next trend is.This indicator works with crocodiles, where a crocodile in hunting always stalks its preyThe aliagator has a jawline, a tooth line and a lip line

3. Moving Avarage indicator

This indicator is the most popularly used both in iq option brokers and other lockers, the way MA works is to smooth the direction of movement within a certain time. so that we will see the direction of the trend movement that is or will occur in general, whether it is an uptrend or a downtrend