The secret tricks of the accurate Moving Avarage setting technique

On this occasion, we will discuss a trading strategy using a moving avarage indicator called MA. The working desire of the Moving Avarage idicator is to smooth the movement of the price direction within a certain distance, making it easier for us to know the direction of the trend (uotrend and down trend)

  How to use the Avarage moving indicator

1 Select moving Avarage from the indicator list

2. Click advanced settings, there you can change the period settings (in this picture I will give an example using periods14 )

Advantages of using the Avarage moving indicator

1 More responsive to price changes and quicker to address changing trends
2. Shorter in showing the trend term
3. Can provide warnings about trend changes when cutting longer duration MA

Keeping in mind the flexible open position using moving avarage is a common thing among novice traders and professional traders