Trading Strategy With The Most Accurate Bollinger Bands Indicator

The most accurate trand indicator traders use are Bollinger bands, it will be even more stable when combined with other indicators, basically all good indicators depend on the traders who use them so you have to choose an indicator that suits your trading style and that you already understand. each. Indeed, studying indicators is easier according to professional traders

Bolingger Bands is an indicator that is useful to help measure market volume and estimate the price range, where the price movement exceeds the normal limit, that's where you take advantage of taking an open position and starting trading.

How to use the Bolingger Bands indicator

1. Click Indicator List, Then select Bolingger bands

2. Select advanced settings

3 This is what Bolingger Bands looks like

Bollinger Bands consist of 3 lines, namely:

1 Midle Line
2. Lower bands
3. Upper bands