How to trade Iq options using the web version of FXXTOOL signals


Last night, I hope that on this occasion you are still in good condition. In this article, we will discuss a little about how to trade using the timeframe at the iq option broker using a 5 minute period using the help of the web version of fxxtool, which we usually use the time frame 1 minute

This tarding trick is very often done by beginner traders and professional traders on the grounds of finding it safe to analyze candles and their movements are different from when tarding using a period of 1 minute will feel rushed even for those of you who are just plunging into the world of tarding, Kn's running out of time to analyze candleistik movement.

In contrast to using a 5 minute period, you will be more able to control emotions when you open a position but that is no reason when using the web version of the fxxtool signaling when you trade using a 1 minute or 5 minute period it will be safe so ffxttool has a very high level of accuracy well  .

Then how to use fxxtool to choose a 5 minute period. It's very easy to make the steps are still as before in the previous article, but the difference is when choosing a time period, you have to choose 5 minutes.

Hopefully this article will be a recommendation for those of you who are still in doubt when trafficking uses a very short period of time, thank you