What indicators are suitable for use when trading in pocket options


On this occasion we will discuss a little about indicator strategies that are suitable for use in pocket options brokers, but before that, don't forget to register first so that you can use them comfortably trading on a pocket option broker, this time we will go back a little, yes in the previous article. have often read how catra uses indicators on iq option brokers, in general the way to use them is the same and how to analyze it is the same, we now use a pocket option broker.

In pocket options trading, you are presented with many indicators that you can use, starting from the alligator indicator to the flactal indicator, but this time I will give you a few tips, so you don't have to force it when you trade using my advice, but I only give a little input for what indicators to use. you can try it.

 I will give 3 indicators that you must try when trading pocket options:

1. Awesome oscillator indicator

2. Flactal indicator

3. Alligator indicator

Why do I suggest that when this indicator is very simple, that is, we are easy to analyze candles and it's easy when we are going to open a position, as well as having a fairly good level of accuracy when using these three indicators, please try to make one that's half and half it would be better to try it with use a demo account first, thank you