Pocket Option trading strategy For beginners


At noon, hopefully you are in good condition. On this occasion we will provide tips on trading option pockets, but before you jump into trading, is it good to know what features are there in Pocket Option,


2. Many markets

3. Complete chart

That's only part of the feature in the pocket option but on this occasion we will discuss a little about the strategy for beginners so that they can get a lot of advantages, let's read this article until it's finished.

In this staretegy, we will not use indicators but we will be more observant about how to use or how to read chart movements. We just have to see the change in candale between buy or sell but I often do that by seeing how to change it at 34 seconds because it is very simple at that time the chart will change or change between buy or sell


that you don't need any strategy if you just need to be smart to see the movement of candles or charts especially at 34 seconds to open a position. There is one more thing that our pocket option brokers are ignoring with trading signals from the locker itself.