OLymptrade strategy



Olymtrade is a well-known broker in the last 2 years so this broker provides proof that this trading is very profitable if you master the knowledge and strategy and are done wisely. On this occasion we will discuss a simple strategy but if you can use it when trading using an olymtrade broker on this occasion for those of you who are professional traders are already familiar with this trick but like you tarders who are just getting to know it, this strategy is very easy to master

On this occasion, we will discuss trading not using indicators, how easy is it, we just need to be smart about analyzing the parent candlestick, what is meant by parent candlestick A is marked with 1 large candle followed by several small candles afterwards, where the large candle is covers all of the next small higjh low candles

In theory when a long candle appears, the next price will be in line with the previous candle, how to use this strategy is very singular, but you have to know the strength of how to analyze this candel, only last for a period of 2 minutes, it must be understood before using it.