Strategy trading for begginer



This time I will discuss trading tips for beginner traders, the first we will trade using indicators and tricks, the second we will trade using the signala robot, the web version of fxxtool, on this occasion we will use the iq option broker, then we will use an indicator which is very easy to Kalain starting from the movement of the signal and how to analyze the candlestick

The first trick we will use the RSI indicator, this indicator is a technical indicator that measures the amount of price change in a certain period to analyze whether market conditions have reached selling (oversold) or buying (overbought)

This indicator is very suitable for use by novice traders especially professional traders

The second trick I recommend for novice traders or professional traders who want to get big profits in the world of trading is to use the web version of FXTOOL because this signal robot has many advantages to use tools when you are trading the skin is easy to understand by others, has a large market for you to use, features that are very complete starting from indicators, timeframe, and economic calendar are available on this signal robot and there is something special for you, which has a very good level of accuracy.

Please use the trick above for those of you who want to get a really big profit, thank you