Super trick of using the momentum indicator at the Pocket Option broker


As discussed in the previous article, Pocket Option is a broker that promises to be used wisely, this broker also has its own signal without using help besides this broker has many indicators that are very easy and have very good accuracy in addition to the use of indicators on the broker. This is very easy, moreover, there are many indicators available.

 how do I use the momentum indicator on a pocket option brokerage is very easy, we just need to select the indicator on the indicators tab then the next way I use 4 markets when trading and I am very grateful in the 4 trades I win everything how to use the amomentum signal I don't use science like what trading experts tell me, this is my stage when trading using momentum indicators:

1. If it reads the signal continuously, the choice is down. But if a green signal appears and the moment indicator the line selection goes up

2. Since the red signal is lighting the momentum indicator continues to appear, the trend will continue to fall

3. why I chose to get off, because the MOMENTUM shows a very Strong Down signal.

The three stages above are strategic momentum, according to my personal opinion, only a self-taught trader but I can succeed in the world of tarding until now, thank you