The strategy uses 2 indicators to guarantee profit

Good evening, on this occasion we will discuss how to use 2 very good accuracy indicators so that both beginners and professional traders are guaranteed profit, which on this occasion I tried and proved that this strategy is very accurate especially if it is used wisely.

The indicators that we use are the moving avarage indicator and the awesome oscillator indicator by using the following indicator settings:

AWesome oscillator (Slow period: 34 and fast period 5) while moving avarage (period 5) using this setting will help you analyze cadle movement while the time frame we will use is 1 minute

By using the strategy above, you can make it easier to make trades which are guaranteed to be profitable, but I remind you when you are going to trade, it is better if you use enough capital not from the results of other people's loans so that you don't fall into problems if something bad happens to yourself you thank you