2 Powerful indicators on pocket options brokers


At this opportunity, we will try to combine 2 indicators at one time, the trading method is very easy to understand, that is, if using 2 indicators it will be more profitable, we just need to use both indicators, remember trading should not be complicated, but easy even though the most difficult things are

On this occasion, we will use 2 indicators, namely the moving avarage indicator and the Awesome Oscillator indicator, for which one is the way to look at the movement of these 2 indicators, then don't think too hard but read this meaning until it's finished.

first we will see how to analyze the Awesome Oscilator indicator:

- If the green graph is already on the longest chart and

  a red graph starts to appear, select PUT

- If the red chart is already on the longest chart and

green chart starts to appear, select buy

Whereas how to analyze the moving Avarage signal, this indicator is known as the million people indicator, this is often used by every trader to filter out random price fluctuations during chart trading, besides that moving avarage is also a trend following indicator that is very simple and easy to understand.