How to reduce the risk of loss when trading


Hi friends, if we meet again, we are still in a pandemic condition that has not been finished until now in conditions like this are very difficult conditions for conventional workers, but for others workers in the internet world like bloggers, YouTubers and traders this situation is not a problem. very heavy but every job will definitely get the risk according to their respective portions

In this article, I will share some of the risks when you enter the world of trading, but this risk can certainly be minimized even you can avoid losses.

Here's how to reduce losses when trading:

1. You must have a good planing

2. Don't get bored when you seek knowledge about the world of trading

3. You don't need to have big capital but have a strong determination

4. Use a trusted broker

5. I suggest you learn from the demo account first

6. Stay away from trading hastily

 Of the 6 tricks above, if you use them wisely, of course you will get consistent profits even if you will be able to manage your finances when you enter the world of professional trading but there are still many tricks and tips that you will solve please don't get bored of you to gain knowledge. and impormasi about the world of tarding