Trading Strategy For Beginners Use VfxAlert Pro 2022

 Hello Traders

This how to use VfxALert Pro get 90 accuracy for beginers

first step you must have the Vfxalert of course Free or Pro Version

if haven't have an account or doesn't have Vfxalert account you can signup your account,
then open VfxALert and choose what Brokers you will use

Second step is choose Time frame period

there are so many Traders say that they dont get accuracy from Vfxalert it is because they dont know well how to use it.
in the picture above, choose forex adaptive TF 5 if you wanna trade a minute, such as 1, 2,or 3 minutes it will give you high accuracy, for me TF 1 minutes is bad

third step is places trading

after you make sure the market and vfxalert signal same you and you will ope the position you must wait first the time and place, you open in the first candlestick change

in the picture above the main poin to get accuracy is signal bar that showed, just trade as the signal bar of VFxalert give at least 3 bras

The last step is open position moment

when candlestick change you open the position and see how accurate the vfsalert is ..

We hope by you read this article you can expert use it
If you still confuse you ncan visit our Youtube channel and find how to use vfxalert working correctly

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