How to Combine VfxaAlert with RSI Indicator in Pocket Option

 VFxALert and RSI 10 Combination

Hello Traders

This time I will give you a tip and trick how to combine VfxALert with RSI Indicator to get high accuracy

Actually VfxAlert has an high accuracy basically but for more accurate prediction It can be combined with Indicator that available in Brokers

Here some tips combining VfxAlert and RSI Indicator in Pocket Option

First login to VfxALert

If you don't have VfxALert account you can regist first VfxAlert Free or Pro version

After login you select the RSI Indicator

Then, set The RSI Indicator to period 10

The rules to use just simpel you follow the VfxAlert signal and oversee the RSI 10, RSI just became support

For example : RSI line is overbought and VfxAlert show SELL with 3 bars signal it means you open SELL position about 1 till 3 minutes

Don't trade if RSI line has reach oversold and VfxAlert shows SELL signal ! because RSI has reach oversold that time

For example from this picture above

After you makesure the market and Vfx signal has same with Market you choose and RSI in oversold area

VfxALert shows BUY with 3 bars signal. Open and wait the result

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