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Friday, 5 October 2018

10 Right Brokers for Beginners Start Trading " Free 10 Bot Auto Trading"

Trading is a business revolution that can be used as an alternative to working in an office, how not? It only takes a maximum of 1-2 hours to produce the same benefits as you if you work in an office even more. If you are interested? How to safely start trading. No need for khawtir what you need to do is education related to which trading and brokers can be trusted, profitable, and safe for your investment. On the Internet there are many brokers that can be tried but, recommendations and according to our experience brokers that you can try because it is very easy and many trading options can benefit you.

10,000 Dollar Demo Account for training

No need to rush to find profits from brokers by trading, you should use virtual accounts that have been provided on each broker's platform to practice and get to know more about how to trade. Because with this demo account you will not risk losing real money.

5 Important Things to Note for Beginner Traders

1. Practice with a virtual account

Take advantage of a virtual account to trade seriously and assume that virtual money is your real money. So you practice more optimally and can better understand profitable trading.

2. The real deposit is not too large

After you successfully practice and profit consistently on a virtual account, you are advised to try on a real account with a maximum deposit of 10 dollars with OP 0.37 dollars. Experience based on the mental burden when using a demo account and real account is quite different and influences your decision when OP. It's best to calm down looking for the right momentum and not in a hurry.

When will the deposit be increased in number?

A small deposit and a large deposit are certainly very different because a deposit with a larger number will provide a lot of opportunities to do OP so that the profit opportunity that will be obtained is more.

3. Minimal OP OP Lot

Choose a broker that provides lots of lot options such as micro, penny, or nano. For beginner traders it is best to use a minimum lot of low because the risk is quite small and certainly fortunately adjust to your OP capital. Don't worry because when you are proficient and your budget is large you can get OP in accordance with the balance you have.

4. Pay attention to the trading guidelines provided by the broker

This guide is one form of education provided by brokers in the hope that traders will understand and be profitable. There is no harm in getting the guide read from beginning to end so that you can add knowledge to you, I am sure with the knowledge that a lot of your trading will be Win ... Aamiin. The trading guide usually has two, namely text and video.

5. Trading tools provided by brokers

The character of the web broker is different, so please choose according to your taste that is the easiest and best according to you. Many trading tools that have been prepared, ranging from Indicators, Robots, Bots, trading instruments, tools for deposits, withdrawals and many more. Please use the tools above according to your needs as wisely as possible.

By looking at the five characteristics above, here are 10 forex brokers recommended for beginners:

1. broker

===>>> GOOD NEWS ⇊⇊⇊
( free auto trading robot for If you register a broker through my affiliate link.
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step three : I will check your account whether registered with my affiliate program, if your account is registered in my affiliate program, I will send 10 auto trading robots to your email. ) is the most widely used broker by traders to become a successful person and not work in an office. The success story is already a lot because when compared with other brokers, this binary option has a lot of choices and the predictions can be said to be the easiest. It is suitable for beginners to try out their abilities in the trading world, of course with virtual accounts that have been provided on the broker's website.

Not only that, the reason many use is to provide options for traders, for example to develop robots, and other methods that have been provided on's website. One of them is a partnership program with, ease of deposit, witdrawal, and many communities who help beginners.

2. InstaForek Broker

Established since 2009, it is suitable for beginners, but of course by reading all the rules and guidelines on how to trade on your Insta. You can deposit as little as 1 USD as possible with a minimum lot in this broker can accommodate trading needs for beginners. You can imagine that beginners can get lots with a minimum of 0.0001 cents. It's cool too, bro, but of course it's a small fortune.

Guide how to use instaforek

On the official website you can find all the complete guides, both free and paid. Reading recommendations are as detailed as possible, see tutorial videos, and if there is a community please join the community to be a place for discussion.

3. Broker XM

The XM broker is one of those who provide adequate service and service efficient but effective. Of course this makes it very easy for novice traders to trade. Beginners can trade from 0.01 as the minimum OP limit and many also offer promos that can certainly attract and benefit beginner traders.

 FBS broker

FBS makes innovation by making its web appearance more dynamic and instructive with the aim of making it easier for beginner traders to work more effectively. A demo account is provided to practice before trading on a real account with a low deposit and is suitable for beginner trading.

FBS is slightly different from other brokers

Education and trading guides are a bit unique because they are separated from the trading website but are on other websites. But there is something interesting compared to other brokers, namely bonuses offered up to 60% rebate that can be given for each of your trades.

4. FirewoodFX broker

The FirewoodFX broker is one of the brokers that are in demand by novice traders, how not, with a simple and easy-to-understand web display by offering a deposit with a low lot at this broker, it is only natural that this broker is the best choice for beginners.

Education for beginner traders

Equally in common with other brokers, firewoodFX also provides a variety of education for traders starting from general prepared articles with scope on trader knowledge and demo accounts that can be used for training.

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