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Learn forex trading for beginners with indicators

Consistent Forex Profit Indicator

Most forex traders use the help of forex indicators which they think are best for taking trading positions. The forex indicator is a tool used to make estimates, namely ensuring the direction of the movement of the asset price before the trader ensures the place of "buy" or "sell".

In an on-line trading base, there are various trading indicators to cause confusion especially for some beginner traders in using them.

Price movements in the foreign exchange market are volatile until the mark will also present different graph results at the same time. Below are some of the trading indicators that are referenced to be mastered by some beginner traders.

Most Used Forex Trading Indicators

1. Driving Average (MA)

is the most commonly used or most standard indicator. This method can be said to be the development of the basic methods that we previously studied in school. Even so, the Moving Average has applications in a broad section. MA can be classified into three types of indicator lines, namely:

  • Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
  • Simple Moving Average (SMA)
  • Weighted Moving Average (WMA)

Explanation of the formula for calculating each type of MA indicator line

  • Exponential Moving Average (EMA) and Weighted Moving Average (WMA)

This sign formula is the last price given ballast, that is: an integer multiplied by the last price. When the ballast is the same, the WMA (Weighted Moving Average) sign takes place; besides, if it is exponential, the EMA (Exponential Moving Average) sign takes place. Some professional traders assume that the last price is the most important compared to the price first. Price fluctuations that are affected by the latest prices and not because the data is loaded in the past.
Simple Moving Average (SMA)
SMA is calculated by summing the prices which will also be calculated then divided by the length of time period. This formula is used to get the close, low, high, or average price of the 3 prices.

So how do you use the Moving Average sign? When entry uses high school timing, WMA, EMA, use the place of "buy" if the close price is above the average, and use the place "sell" if the price is below the average. High school can be used as a filter trend, you can place a place "buy" if the price is above average by using a different sign for entry.


Technical signs Envelopes occur when one of the two Moving Average signs moves up for a moment while the other one goes down. In market volatility, you can select the limit of the magnitude of the maximum relative set bands. If the movement is getting bigger, it will also increase the relative number. By looking at the lower and upper limits of the sign, you will also be able to find out the fluctuations in the price of securities. Signal "buy" will also come out when the price touches the lower limit, for a moment the signal "sell" will also come out when the price reaches the upper limit.

Referred to using one of the best forex signs when the market is under pressure from most market actors who will trade purchases or sales, prices touch the upper or lower limits of the bands to their normal levels to be stable. Everything is based on the general market situation. The principle of sign Envelopes can be applied also at the BB mark (Bollinger Bands).

3. Bonger Bandsli

Bollinger or Bollinger Bands are one of the forex signs to read price movements on the money market that are displayed in the form of a graph. Sign found by John Bollinger on th. This 80s is the development of the principle of trading bands to ensure the height limit and the low limit of the price of the stock index at the price first with relative. To use this Bollinger sign, some traders must also use a different sign because this graph cannot be used alone. The recommended companion sign is used with the Bollinger sign which is the sign of the RSI (Relative Strength Index).

There are many graphics on the Bolinger forex sign, namely:
• Underline graph, which is K times period N standard deviation below the intermediate line
• Upper line graph, which is K times period N standard deviation above the intermediate line, and
• Midline graph called period N from simple movement. Special values for K and N are 2 and 20 respectively

4. Parabolic SAR

Accurate forex signs Parabolic SAR is developed with a role to analyze market trends. Data displayed in the form of a price chart is almost the same as the sign of the average movement technique. The difference is that the Parabolic SAR mark can change the price place and move with higher acceleration. If the trend is down (market Bearish), the mark can be positioned above the price; besides, if the uptrend (market bull), the good sign is placed below the price.

The sign will also switch the price time through the Parabolic SAR line, until the next value is positioned contrary to the price. The maximum or minimum price is considered to be the first point of the period when the sign is switched. Trends are seen to have been completed or there will also be a change in flow if changes occur in the sign. The Parabolic sign ensures the exit point of the market. Close the place of "buy" when the price drops below the SAR line, and vice versa if the price increases above the SAR line, so you have to close the "sell" place.

This sign is often used as a trailing stop line. Simply put, it can be concluded that the middle trend time rises which is shown by the Parabolic SAR point below the price so you better make a sale, but if the Parabolic SAR point is above the price so you are referenced open the "sell" place, because the trend in the market is down.
What indicators are suitable for me?

A little guide to getting an accurate forex sign, that is, you must be able to understand easily the contents of the trip signal that is on the sign. Beyond that, try asking yourself if one sign of forex is easy to understand, quite simple in your opinion, and not troublesome in its use?

To find out more suitable indicators, learn first a collection of Forex Indicator Trading Strategies

If all three points are fulfilled, you have found the forex sign that is the same for you. Trading activities will also be more exciting if you have found comfort with a specific sign so that you can even change the lack of signs into one advantage. Don't give up hope in training and hopefully succeed!

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