Muhurat trading: NSE, BSE, to open for Diwali trading this evening


The Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange will both open for an hour this evening.
The markets can conduct what's called 'muhurat trading', which is held every year on Diwali.

Both the metropolis securities market and therefore the National securities market can open the muhurat commercialism window at 5:30pm.
The muhurat trading will end at 6:30pm.
The 15-minute pre-opening session can begin at 5:15 am.

Pre-opening session is a new practice trading exchanges have put in place in order to reduce stock price volatility on opening.
The 15-minute window allows traders to place orders and modify them for the first few minutes. After the initial few minutes the orders are locked, i.e. they cannot be modified or cancelled.
These orders area unit then utilized by the stock exchanges to reach stable gap costs for varied stocks.