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Binary Random Index Trading Method

Understanding Random Index in Binary

In the previous post I often used the random index example as one of the market instruments in conducting trading strategies, but I have not given a clear explanation of the definition of random index and characters from several random indexes available in binary.
Random index is one of the market instruments in binary. com that is often used by traders, because random index never stops or continues to run for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, very different from forex that runs for 5 days a week.

Random index is divided into 4 types, namely random index 25, 50, 75, and 100, which distinguishes from the four random indexes is the level of volatility (price fluctuations). Random index 50 has a 2-fold volatility from random index 25, random index 100 has a 4-fold volatility from random index 25, so random index 25 has the lowest volatility and random index 100 has the highest volatility.
Types of contracts and trading strategies on random index

The random index is relatively able to use more types of contracts than other market instruments, such as forex, index, and commodities. Some types of contracts that can be used at random index are contracts of up / down, higher / lower, touching / not touching, inside / outside, asian, and digits.
Of the many types of contracts for random index, it is possible to use various trading strategies that are accurate in accordance with our trading character. For example, I will give an example of a trading strategy "goat capital can be cow" (self-made term). In this trading strategy, for example, I use 'random index 100' with a higher contract
gi / low, 2 minutes duration, with an offset of +10.00 as shown in the image below.

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From the picture above, it can be concluded that with a capital of $ 2.7 can get a refund of $ 10, with a net profit of $ 7.30. The condition of the chart position after 2 minutes is above the green line. You can explore several other strategies that can and are profitable, but each strategy has its advantages and disadvantages.
Thus the method of random binary index trading, for trading strategies on other random indexes I will share in the next post. please try your trading strategy on a virtual account and measure the effectiveness of the strategy according to your own trading results.

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