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Saturday, 22 December 2018

How I Get $ 300 in One IQ Trading OptioN

fig I Earn $ 300 in One Trading IQ Option - In this article I will share how I get $ 300 in just one trading period and in my opinion the profit / profit is when it has been entered into the local bank account when still on the iq option account or still in the Facebook account in my opinion it is still not called profit, hehe.

Please see the picture below, I trade with binary options, which is a 15-minute contract period

The advantage of using binary options is that our monitoring period is long, we can analyze correctly whether the price will go up or down and in my case above I predict the price will go down and I click put.

Don't forget to activate the 3 indicators as I circle in the image, namely SMA, RSI and BB. For its usefulness, please read on the internet if I explain here it will be very long.

It turned out that my predictions and analyzes were correct, so the numbers ended in green.

For today, I am trading enough with these benefits, because in trading we must have a daily target and if it has been reached, it is better to trade enough for that day. Because usually if again and again (lust) will end with lose.

The pleasure of victory will usually make the mental shake / not focus on reading the chart, so when the taget is used immediately stops and pulls income directly to the local bank, it's over.

The next day and so on, how much is $ 300 per day every day?

Hopefully useful and greetings of profit.

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