Indicators rather than binary options: trusted signals promise success

Working with binary options is related not only to the need to have a very good understanding of the exchange with analytical skills, but also the use of special technical tools. To avoid this approach to specific trade and make it like gambling, a trader must have a binary option indicator that can provide accurate signals to determine the transactions to be taken.

Binary options are strongly influenced by the "gambling" approach in their trade. Most beginners are interested in short-term transactions (from 30 seconds), and giving benefits rather than trading (70%) makes it possible to choose their trades without using analytical tools. In this case, the transactions he made were like ordinary roulette games, and the possibility of success was minimal.

In fact, there are no indicators created specifically for binary options. Even when opening / closing transactions are carried out in special programs created by binary option brokers, they continue to use quotes rather than ordinary Forex prices. Therefore, analysis to make predictions of the possible movements that will occur on the exchange is carried out on ordinary trading terminals using traditional tools for technical analysis.

Important: binary option brokers must provide the most comprehensive tick quotation flow, synchronized with ordinary terminals, and allow it to work with minute charts.

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Mathematics rather than indicators

Binary options add the right time rather than events of price movements that will occur into ordinary parameters rather than financial instruments (such as price and direction), which significantly add complexity rather than price predictions.

Important: indicators must provide forward-looking signals, so they can give traders enough time to open short-term transactions if needed.
If an ordinary stock exchange transaction can be opened without a time limit until the end is successful, the opportunity to benefit from binary options is greatly influenced by the accuracy of the parameters of closing prices (price, time and direction) is very necessary to do analysis than the short term section in history so you can get the right combination of price movements with a high likelihood of the price movement. Therefore, a combination of Forex instruments with different calculation mechanisms (trends and oscillators) is used as indicators rather than binary options so you can get the most accurate signal that is adjusted to the time of the event.

Important: this indicator should not redraw over time and change the conditions of the entry point, at least until the period until the end of the current transaction.

Installation and adjustment of these indicators

When working with binary options, trading and analysis are traditionally carried out on different screens: bids are installed on the trading screen rather than binary options brokers, analysis is performed on the usual terminal - for example, MetaTrader 4 (5). Installation, configuration and internal structure (in MQL4 (5)) rather than indicators of binary options are very similar to indicators for ordinary trade.

An example of an application for the most popular indicators for binary options trading

Set (Awesome Oscillator + Accelerator Oscillator + Parabolic SAR)

These standard indicators work well together with instruments with high but stable volatility. Further adjustments of the parameters for the specific currency pair are required. Options are purchased at closing rather than candle signals where all three indicators must show a signal to enter.

QQENew indicator

The forex indicator is very good for quantitative and qualitative assessments rather than prices, based on RSI readings smoothed at standard settings. This indicator has additional signals in the form of arrows on the price chart: CALL (green) and PUT (red). Ekanism rather than signal formation can be seen in the available histograms. The reminder sound will sound when these signal lines intersect, and the intersection of the zero line. It's better to use this indicator with an additional trend filter indicator.

MACD + RSI binary option indicator

This indicator is considered to be one of the most reliable indicators for scalping (so it will be very perfect for binary options), because very accurately this indicator can show divergence rather than the current price. It shows the reversal in small periods (M1 to M15) and on currency pairs with small volatility as well. The signal to enter is if there is an intersection on the red and blue lines. The closing time of the option will be calculated based on additional levels of strength in price movements.

A typical arrow indicator. This indicator consistently describes arrows in any period, but it doesn't always work. Like, it was created based on the fractal method. Signals can be taken from periods of at least M15, expiration periods - starting from M3 and up.

BuySell 2.0 indicator

This indicator has a good reputation on ordinary exchanges. This indicator provides good points for options on price charts M30 and H1, with closing times starting from 1 hour. All indicators of binary options rather than this type will give price chaos in small periods. CALL signal is a blue arrow above the blue line, the PUT signal is a red arrow below the red line.

MT4 binary Forex indicator

Created for any period, but it works more accurately in small periods. Valid for all currency pairs and other instruments. PUT signal: red arrow down, point on top (pink) on the main screen, signal on the bottom screen is red. CALL signal: green arrow up, bottom point (blue) on the main screen, signal on the bottom screen is blue.

Comodo Binary Cash Indicator

Sometimes this indicator is offered on the internet for $ 647, but you can get it for free. Visually it is actually very simple. The test will provide excellent results for EUR, JPY, NZD and CHF options paired with dollars. The signals are future oriented. It doesn't seem that this indicator is redrawing. Take the signal on M5, set the option to M15. The European session and the opening of the American session are preferred

First of all, you must understand that even in option trading with a maturity of 30 seconds it will require full stock analysis. If not, then your broker will benefit from your losses, even 10-15% of the funds that he (probably!) Will properly return to you after you experience a loss will not save your funds. Especially because binary options are like price prophecies, where your technical predictions are correct but if not fulfilled in the right time - you will still suffer losses

All indicators for binary options that have been reviewed here can be obtained through the internet free of charge and all of these indicators have the possibility of succeeding slightly above the average. Therefore, before you use it with real money, you must test these indicators fully for the specific device, expiration time, stock conditions, and conditions rather than options for a particular broker.