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Thursday, 20 December 2018

Super Signals Channel Indicators: Reliable Trading Reach

Trading within the range of volatility has always been something very interesting for traders, because it is often the use of simple devices that actually get more benefits. This Super Signals Channel indicator is one version of the creation of a price channel, which provides signals that have high accuracy on any financial instrument and at any time period.

The idea of ​​trading according to the price channel has been explained in detail in the versions rather than the well-known indicators of Bollinger Bands. In an effort to provide a more practical application of price penetration rather than price channel boundaries, the creators of this strategy began to create indicator choices, which could be used in addition to finding support / retention levels, but not like dynamic curve lines, but straight prices.

The Super Signals Channel indicator is very easy to use, built on a real price channel rather than two lines (red is the top limit, green is the lowest limit), where prices will move. The trading method is at the time of the reflection rather than the channel boundaries. Recommended entry points for buy and sell positions appear in the graph depicted with arrows with colors that are adjusted to the direction shown, easily, clearly and precisely. It works at any time interval and instrument, including futures instruments and stocks. Optimal timeframe, like all other trend indicators, is starting from H1 and above.

Mathematics used by this indicator

This Super Signals Channel indicator is based on the standard zigzag indicator without any additional calculations, that is, it is built according to its limits not by closing prices, like most indicators based on the Bollinger method, but with extreme values. The opposite signal appears when the price has reached a new high / lowest point in a number of candles. Apparently, the absolute value of the price (highest / lowest) calculated here, where the level is built in a straight line. For comparison, let's put the standard Bollinger Bands indicator and the options we discussed here on the same graph:

Offset or other additional parameters are not used, so this indicator assesses only the actual dynamics, and this indicator provides minimal forecasts - it is built on the movement of price levels that continue until more extreme movements occur.

Important: Unlike the options in the zigzag indicator, this indicator does not have parameters that can make the channel used wider / narrower.

Settings than this indicator

This indicator is attached to the price chart in the usual way: copy the file rather than this indicator with the extension * .mq4 into the \ ProgramFiles \ MetaTrader4 \ MQL4 \ indicators. Inside the terminal skin from the "Navigator" window, select "Custom indicators", look for the words Super Signals Channel and drag it into the price chart. The main settings of this indicator are explained as follows:

SignalGap - determines the distance between the current price chart and arrow signals that give an indication to recommend entry points into the stock.

ShowBars - the number of blocks used to calculate / display a channel, a predetermined value is 500, you can change it to be larger so you can reduce the chaos of price movements, and draw price levels further.

In other versions of this indicator, there are also other options: repaint - on / off (true / false) mode to smooth channel lines.

Settings for the colors to be used can be seen there are two settings for lines and signals (we can adjust the color and thickness).

Application of Super Signals Channel indicators for trading

For Forex:

Two methods can be used. The first method is that we really trust the signal given by the Super Signals Channel indicator: just by following the signal arrows there are - if these arrows appear, we will open the position according to the direction of the arrow given and close when the arrow with opposite direction appears.

The second method is a more profitable method: Don't look at the arrows and trade based on the canals, buy at the lowest limit (green line0 and sell at the highest limit (red).

Important: Trading on price levels rather than indicators is more reliable than trading on the signal arrows that they give!

This Super Signals Channel indicator can be used successfully to set up stop-loss installations for transactions opened by other systems. Installation of stop-loss for long positions can be installed on the green line rather than this channel (below), for short positions - on the red line (above). One might see this stop-loss level too large, because the price level of this indicator uses calculations based on the highest and lowest levels of the specified period, so it can look very far from the actual price in this channel. But this method for stop-loss settings allows us to hold a transaction for a long time and we can get more profit from strong trend movements.

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Overall, if we act wisely and carefully, it is very important to set stop-loss rather than the price level in the canal 5-20 points above / below (depending on the period and duration of the transaction). It can even be better to use indicators with Atp indicator versions - then you can enter into transactions with signal arrows for short-term trading or trading in a day.

This Super Signals Channel indicator has proven itself that it can work with pending orders:

Buy - pending BuyStop is set 5-10 points above the bottom channel line (green) with stop-loss 5-15 points below this green line;

Sell ​​- pending SellStop is set 5-10 points below the upper channel line (red), stop-loss is placed above this red line 5-10 points.

You can try to use this indicator along with several periods of time - this will greatly improve its accuracy. If an arrow to enter appears for at least several time periods, you can safely open the position in the direction indicated by the indicator.
Indicators built on these price levels are quite accurate, so they can be used to work with binary options. Reliability of the signals issued by the Super Signals Channel indicator is not reduced even though it is used for different financial instruments or different time periods, because this channel is based on the latest volatility - it is sufficient for short reach transactions such as binary options. . According to binary traders, this indicator is more accurate than other popular indicators that take into account high-low trends and positions.

The only drawback, where the drawback of this indicator is very serious and very important, is that it will redraw after the time has passed. The larger the period, the less damage that can occur than this re-image effect, and can be offset rather than an arrow signal. In periods under 1 hour, the negative effects of these weaknesses can look very strong, especially in volatility that shows speculation - the number of false signals is formed, and sometimes these price levels are covered.

This Super Signals Channel indicator can be recommended for beginners to master trading techniques at price levels. For experienced players, this indicator can be integrated into any trend system or combination system, with a combination of various types of oscillators and volume indicators. Volume indicators can be used to help separate the actual reversal points in a channel rather than speculative movements. Also, this indicator can be used as a filter for signals obtained from other indicators.

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