Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Complete Understanding What Is An Option Twinkle?

Complete Understanding What Is An Option Twinkle? - Trading with binary options is currently very popular because of the easy trading method and the big profits. On this occasion I will share what is a binary option and how it works.

Binary options are one financial instrument in which we can buy a contract from an asset and get a profit when the contract is completed.

In binary options, there are only two choices, namely up or down, meaning that we can choose whether the price of the asset we are going to buy will increase or decrease.

The difference between binary options and others is the profit and loss when trading is determined at the start of trading.

In that binary option there are lots of trading options and one of the easiest trades is forex (buying and selling currencies. For example, I trade USD / JPY assets.

I estimate that 5 minutes later the price of USD / JPY will go up and then I choose to go up and put the amount of money that will be invested and if my estimate is wrong and what happens instead is going down then I will lose some money invested.

When I profit from the money I invest as much as 90% then if at that time I install $ 100 then the 90% profit is equal to $ 90 in just 5 minutes.

Assets are all existing / available instruments on the market such as stocks, currencies. commodity and index.

Examples such as shares of Google, Yahoo, Apple and others can be called assets. Gold, kerosene and other commodities are also assets.

In trading binary options from the beginning to the end we can choose the contract period starting from seconds, minutes, hours and even days. This time is called the contract / expiration / expired and the broker will automatically close the position we bought and then calculate how much profit is earned and directly entered into the account.

For example, I bought a stock asset with a 1-minute contract period by choosing a price to go up, now after 1 minute, the contract will expire if the price of expiration is higher than the price when I buy, then I automatically get a profit.

Thus information about what binary options can hopefully be understood. Send regards for success.

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