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Wednesday, 9 January 2019


Before we know how to trade binary options, we also need to know what Binary Options are?

Well, binary options themselves are one of the methods of activity commonly carried out by people or by a company, who wish to buy also sell certain stocks so that the finance in their company can benefit. In this Binary Option, there are only two possibilities: up or down. That means we can choose the price whether it will go up or down when the time / time of the asset expires.

If there are questions as follows, "what is an asset? And does it expire? " Assets are all of the instruments available in the market. Like stocks, commodities, currencies and also indices. We can take examples such as Google, Apple and other stocks that can also be referred to as assets. Well, while the expiration means in Binary Option Trading, from the beginning we have determined how long it will take to hold the assets that we have bought before, this is also called a contract. The choice of time can be 1 minute, 5 minutes or 10 minutes even for several days. When this contract period expires, it can be referred to as expiration / expired and the broker will automatically close the position of the asset that we have bought earlier and calculate some of the profits obtained.

How to trade binary options

                Binary options are a way in which people can enjoy benefits only by observing the value movements of various assets in the market, such as stocks, foreign exchange rates and commodities.

Berkut are ways that you better understand how to trade Binary Options ,:

1. Types of Assets Like What You Will Trade

The first thing to do before you do a Binary Option trading activity is on your assets, about what assets you will trade. After determining what assets you will try to trade, then you also have to determine again where the direction of the value will move?

2. Selection of brokers

You must definitely choose a bnary option broker to be able to trade. Faithful the site certainly offers several types of commodities that are very diverse, and some of these sites also provide a lot of bonuses for new members, which of course gives additional value to the first deposit.

3. Timing of Expiration from an Asset

After you have determined what assets you will trade in binary options, you have also determined the broker site where you are trading, the next step is to determine when your transaction period expires.

Therefore, later you will find out that you can make transactions with an active period that expire for 60 seconds later. You can also trade with a relatively longer time, up to one month. It is very important to determine the right time period, because there will be many important events that will later affect the value of your trading assets

4. Enter the amount of money / capital that will be invested and see the amount of profit to be earned.

The assets and the time of determination have expired, the next step is to enter the nominal money which will be the initial capital to be invested in the trading asset.

5. Click Up or Down

Why should you go up or down? That means if you think the trading asset will go up, then click up. And if you think the trading asset is down, click down.

6. See Transaction results, Profit or Loss?

Before seeing the trading results have a profit or vice versa, then you must first go to the iq option plate and click on the trading history.

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 To do binary options trading is very easy for people who really want to try it. Briefly, binary option trading is an activity of buying options up or down when predicting that the price will rise, then you have to plug it up or click up, and vice versa if you predict it will go down, you have to click down.

Always pay attention to expiration (expired) that can be determined by yourself. This binary option trading can be done all day long. This is possible, because the global market is always open 24 hours.

It is also necessary for prospective traders to prepare themselves as well as possible, because you can later get a big profit if you continue to train your skills for trading, and of course you must continue to try to learn from some experience yourself, or others. Every step we take, whether the results are wrong or correct, the value will be a valuable lesson for a trader.

Even if you fail or experience a loss, you must always learn from previous failures, and must try to fix them.

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