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Monday, 7 January 2019


You must know about the meaning of the trending binary option itself. An activity carried out by several people or can be done by companies that sell some of their shares which aim to gain profits that can make them tempted. Only with simple capital, the meaning is that the initial investment is not too little too not too much. Well, in my article this time I will give you a little information about how to play binary options. If you already know and understand about binary options, then you are still confused if you have to directly play with the binary option itself. Don't worry about your doubts, now I will help you how to play binary options:

1. First you have to choose a binary broker, of course there are several brokers that you might meet, some of which can be chosen including as well as You also have to be careful about broker sites that can fool you. It needs to be stressed again that before you choose the broker, you also have to choose the assets that will be traded, and determine where the direction of the value will move.

2. If you already understand and do the first tips, then to find out how to play binary options you must determine the expiration time.

3. Get profits that multiply, of course, be your main goal. However, before that, determine the price to become the initial capital to be invested from the trading assets, so you can get a profit.

4. Clicking up or down. Furthermore, you only have to click up if the assets that you predict will increase, and vice versa.

5. How to play the last binary option, that is, at this stage you can see the trading results have experienced profits or losses. Do you get a profit that is indeed your first goal, or must suffer a loss. To see the final results you must first enter the iq platform option, and click on the trading history.

Now it's easy for you to play binary options, by following the steps that are expected to ease you to play binary trading.

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For you, prospective traders should prepare themselves as well as possible, because you can later get a big profit if you continue to train your skills for trading, and of course you must continue to try to learn from some experience yourself, or others. Every step we take, whether the results are wrong or correct, the value will be a valuable lesson for a trader.

Even if you fail or experience a loss, you must always learn from previous failures, and must try to fix them. What can make you traders experience losses can also be caused by binary brokers who cannot be trusted. Therefore the selection of brokers must also be done in detail so that you can calmly trade, before you finally determine the expiration time. Before determining whether to go up or down you also have to determine the initial capital to later see the profit you will get. This binary option trading can be done all day long. This is possible, because the global market is always open 24 hours.

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