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3 Binary.com Trading Techniques Consistent Profits - Hello gans welcome back Previously I have shown a tutorial on how to become an affiliate binary.com, my friends can read HERE, on this occasion I will show you 3 timeless trading techniques at binary.com consistent profits. this technique involves trading faltfrom and a number of indicators to find out about price movements, just let us study it !! :)

Don't have a binary account or already have an account but always make the WD case difficult, the profit is difficult and sit in other cases friends are able to open a free account easily, just click the picture below:

  • By Viewing Graph Forms

From the picture below, the market is already in a sideway, the EMA line that horizontally strengthens it. So next, friends just have to prove the trendline line, friends are able to use graphs on the binary menu, webtrader charts, tradingview charts or charts on MT5. binary. If your friends are used to seeing dominant expressions then it is enough to use imaginary to prove the trendline line (to determine support & resistance).

  • Determining the Time Fram

From the above chart patterns, please specify the duration of trading, recommendations with a duration of 20 seconds in market volatility, 20 seconds only recommendations from my friends can use the duration according to friends according and comfortable, able to tick, minutes and hours: )

  • Position Open Point (OP)

This is a very important stage, my friends, the reason is that this stage is the stage that determines the trading of friends profit / loss. OK, let's continue :)

In seconds duration, when the position will open, one of them is when chandle accelerates, do op when the start of the chandle has reversed the direction or when in the middle, not when it will approach the reflecting point (R / S). ,

Then a little trick when going to click up / down in binary trading. If you are going to click down, wait for the tick per tick to move up, then enter click down. vice versa,

For the amount of capital in each open position, you can use one shoot of fixed capital, martingle or pyramid. The few techniques that I have developed in binary trading are implementing several open positions (op) in one OP point. Click OP to do it together or interrupt a few seconds with the martingle / priamide capital technique.

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