Monday, 21 January 2019

The Strategy Is IQ Option Profit Bursts of OP Loss 1 Profit 9

The Strategy Is IQ Option Profit Bursts of OP Loss 1 Profit 9 - In my article this time I want to share how to successfully get a lot of profit on IQ Option, but I need to convey this strategy is very risky because it is not suitable for all markets, times and trends. A suitable trend for using this strategy is trend sideways (flat), which are made up of mountains and valleys that are less high and the same depth.

If the pattern of mountain and valley formation often recurs at least 3 times, the market conditions are very supportive for using this strategy.

For example, you play with a 5-minute TURBO contract on entering the market and you make a Call once with a capital of $ 1 and if at the end of the last 1 minute it seems that loss will immediately do the OP in the opposite direction from the first OP with capital multiplied by 2 to $ 2, then the loss in the first OP will be covered by the second OP.

Then what if you do OP as much as 9 times quickly, of course, more profit will be obtained in accordance with the first OP.

So to carry out this strategy, make sure you first open the market in order to see the trend movement, hopefully this short strategy can be useful and can continue to profit. Do not forget the MM (Money Management) so that when the profit does not lose, secure the profit immediately by withdrawing funds. Greetings profit.

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