Binary trading is a trading that covers all fields such as votalitas, Forex, commodities, stock indices, and also can be foreign exchange. This is a Trading with profit determined in the start of trading.

Before determining how to trade binary. First you have to choose a suitable and trusted binary broker to help you on binary trading itself. Here are some trusted binary options brokers that we have recommended for those who want to participate.

First, this Binary Trading activity can be done at Why does it have to be with itself provides modern trading software that is trusted because it is proven to be able to provide trading access for hundreds of clients spread across many countries. Of course this is very interesting for them, because this broker prioritizes the convenience of the customers in trading on the financial market with a variety of products.

In addition, the second best binary option broker is This is one of the brokers that can be a reference for you if you are looking for a suitable binary broker. is one of the largest binary brokers in the world, also regulated by Cysec in Europe. Therefore, you will be very calm to invest in this binary broker, because the entire performance of this business has been under the supervision of the authorities. The advantages are there are several facilities to make it easier for you to make a deposit, for example by using Fasapay, Webmoney, Neteller, Wire, CC, and also Skrill. In addition, this broker also provides a variety of financial products in Binary Trading itself, namely foreign currency (Foreign Exchange).

Choose the Best Binary Option Broker as your binary option investment partner, to prevent misuse of client funds by brokers. Don't be easily tempted by brokers who provide various bonuses that are lured to attract clients. As I suggested earlier to prevent undesirable things, and are highly recommended.

After you make your choice of a binary broker, you can trade binary.

Here's how to binary trading:

       1. Selection of assets

Choose one asset from stocks, currencies, or commodities. Then you have to decide which direction your capital value will move? Will it go up or down? You only have to click on one of the two according to your choice.

 2. Expired time

Next, you must choose the time of the expired transaction. It needs to be stressed again, that traders can do trading with an active period of 1 minute, five minutes, or one month.

 3. Understanding the potential benefits gained

The next way of binary trading is by selecting potential profits on binary trading. comparing offers from each binary broker so they don't choose wrongly and can get maximum profit from the investment made.

 4. Increase trading capital

How to increase initial capital is quite easy. Usually in the form of money in the amount of the initial deposit can also be trading bonus without risk on the new account.

 5. Clicking up or down

The way this one is very easy if you predict going up, then you only have to click up, and vice versa when you predict down. After that, you see whether the results of the transaction will get profit or loss. To find out you can see through the iq option platrform and click on the trading history, before that, you must first enter the iq platform option.

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Today's investment is no longer the monopoly of businessmen and entrepreneurs. It is not a few more from various circles of society who try to start investing in the hope that they can increase income as well as goals in the future.

Actually the problem of profit and loss is the latter business, the most important and most important thing is that you are interested in trying first using the demo accounts provided, to make it easier for you later.

How to trade binary above, is expected to be a reference for those of you who want to increase income by investing. Even though before that I had to open an account with a binary option broker. Partnering with the best binary broker options, even then it can be one of the factors that can bring you success from your binary investment.

The most important key is don't be afraid to try even if you don't put a large capital first. The most important experience that you have tried is also the addition of insight for you in the future, so do not always think of a very large profit. We only need to understand beforehand how to trade binary before you succeed in it.