Easy Learning to Trade Gold in Binary Options


For most retail traders it's hard enough to be proficient at trading gold, especially for newbies. In addition to having high margin requirements, a large amount of capital is needed, which is more than $ 10,000 with high risk.

Binary options can be a way to trade gold in a controlled range. Trading gold asset classes in binary options has a low risk, with requirements for smaller margins and minimum capital to start lower trades.

So you do not have to fear the price of gold rolled away from predictions, because before you have determined how long it will take and how much capital is invested. A sense of worry about losing investment is overcome.

Gold Trading Strategy

In binary options trading, trader losses are limited to capital that is included only. If the trading trend goes according to the trader's prediction, he will get back capital and 'extra' profits which can reach 81 percent. If you have mastered the trading strategy, it is not impossible that the profits will reach 500 percent.

In trading gold there are several things to consider before your target for making money is reached. You must understand how it works, by using several sub-contracts provided by the binary.

The following are sub-contracts in the binary platform, for trading gold assets:

Touch / No Touch. Here, traders predict price action, can touch the selected price level called the touch price or not touch the price at all. In short, traders' predictions of the gold price movement must be in accordance with a predetermined price limit before the expiration date.

In / Out. The price of gold must be in the price range formed by the upper and lower trend lines, or out on both sides of the predetermined price line.

High / Low. In this case the trader predicts whether the price of gold will end higher than the current price at the time of expiration, or lower.

With the three methods above, you can trade gold assets in binary options and realize the desire to make profits. You can learn to master all or one of them, provided you are comfortable using it.

Find the Right Position

The price of gold is easy to change. The movement of the daily price ranges from 1,000 to 10,000. With this kind of volatility, we can trade using sub touch / no touch contracts, the key is to get the right direction. Then specify the right strike price and expiration date. If we get these three things correctly, trading will succeed.

In determining the right direction of course we have to know the current trends, fundamental news and most importantly your instincts as traders must be able to read the direction of the market.

The next step is to determine the right strike price. This strike price must be achievable (within the movement price range for gold), and that does not exceed the resistance point. Until the expiration date.

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