Thursday, 16 May 2019

Memorizing Profit Trading Every Day, Could It Be Done?

Lots of online advertisements that state that you can double your profits every day with forex trading. Of course, that sounds excessive. But who would have thought that could be done.

Through this article, you will:

Know the most profitable Forex trading strategies.
Learning whether to multiply profits every day can be done.

This is the Most Profit Trading Strategy
Out there, there are hundreds of forex strategies that are claimed to be the most profitable. Of course, we will not be able to discuss all of these strategies in 1 article. Therefore, we will only discuss the most profitable forex strategies, namely Scalping.

Scalping is a term for a set of strategies that focus on the number of positions opened, compared to the size of the profit. For example, a scalper will take 10 orders of close action with a profit of 10 pips, compared to 1 order closed at 100 pips.

How to trade like this uses a very tight Stop Loss value. With Scalping, 1 small mistake that you make will not have much effect on the overall trading results, different from when you open 1 large lot at a time.

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The main problems often faced by traders are: Scalping requires high concentration. Scalper trades at very low Time Frames, so they don't have much time to make decisions and often rely solely on intuition. Plus the pressure of risking capital, forex trading by Scalping can cause stress.

How to trade with Lazy River?
Lazy River is a Scalping method that can be applied by beginners. This trading strategy is relatively easy and generates several profit opportunities every day. Actually, there is a strategy of Bali Scalping or Scalping RSI that has trading opportunities and higher profit opportunities. However, these methods carry a greater risk and are not recommended for beginners.

To become a Lazy River trader, you need to apply:

5 Minute Frame Time Trading
Indicators used: EMA 50 and EMA 20
Currency pairs with high liquidity, for example EUR / USD or USD / CAD
After the system is installed, wait for the price to enter into the Moving Average range of 50 and 200 MA. Suppose that these lines are the banks of the river (river). If the price doesn't change after more than 3 candlesticks, don't do anything. This condition is not profitable for Lazy River traders. However, if the price breaks the indicator boundary, this is the time for you to open a position:

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Open 2 orders with the same number of lots, following the direction of price movements.
Put a stop loss to close both if the price shows maximum reversal;
Close the first order using take profit when touching the stop loss value;
Close the second order manually when the trend shows a reversal.

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