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6 Tips and Tricks for Binary IQ Profit Trading Success

1. Learn to follow the trend

Not only a forex trading strategy, binary option trading is also a suitable trading place to follow market trends.

With a short trading period on binary options it is not recommended to trade with positions that are against the market trend. And you should follow the current trend if you want to easily gain profit.

2. Choose a broker trading binary option that has been well regulated

Indeed, for now the new binary options are officially only in a few countries, but this does not mean that binary options trading is illegal.

Currently binary options have been regulated / authorized in several countries, especially in the European region.

There are some countries that have provided binary option broker regulations that have issued licenses for broker broker binary options, namely:
CySEC from Cyprus
AMF from France
CONSOB from Italy
Bafin from Germany
FSA / FCA from England
and others
For that, be sure to choose a binary broker that has received authorization / regulation from the country above. The more regulating a broker means the broker is more trusted.

3. Increase trading practice on a demo account before real trading

It is not difficult to get a demo account because almost all binary options brokers have provided demo account facilities for learning.

Take advantage of the demo account well to deepen the experience. It is very understandable to treat and consider a demo account like a real account in determining the size of a trading account.

So that the psychological and mental analysis will be better managed when jumping on trading with real accounts.

5. Do not determine the amount of trading capital more than 10% of the total amount of funds on a trading account

This is related to money management, which is not to risk more than 10% of the total funds on a trading account.

This is because to anticipate when a trading analysis misses or is incorrect.

If the trading position experiences loss, we still have many more opportunities to trade. So use wisely your money / trading capital.

6. Choose trading when the price volatility is low

Choosing the right time in binary trading is based on the market activity of the traded instrument.

Price volatility that is too high makes prices more predictable, which often miss analysis, especially using short expired time.

Following are suggestions / recommendations for trading binary options that are expected to be easier and safer, which are around:
Morning: 08.00, 09.00, 10:00
Afternoon hours: 16:00, 17:00, 18:00
Curfew: Above 8:00 p.m.
10. Study price charts and candlestick patterns

Learning to understand charts of price movements and candlestick patterns is very important to sharpen trading analysis.

Which results in a profit / loss trading are determined by the ability to analyze / predict the direction of prices.

Many ways to predict a price movement include technical analysis with indicators and candlesticks.

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