Auto Trader WEB 100% Free - Auto Trading binary Software


You cannot use this auto trader software be fore you have a binary account.!

So, please do the first two steps :

(Upgrade to real account and make minimum deposit of $5)

2. Make TOKEN to conect click Here

What can you do in AUTO TRADER WEB :
  1. Manual Trading (Free signals available for short and medium trading (M1 and M5) )
  2. Auto Trading (more then 50 strategies available)
  3. Copy Trading (You can copy other users using the COPY tab)
  4. Free Signals (Time Frame : M1 and M5 )
  5. Money Managements (8 money managements to combine and make amazing configurations)
  6. Traders Forum (telegram group and channel)
Auto Trader Web is a free to use system, where you have multiple features.
The main purpose of this system is to give you tools to increase your analysis, trading and income with binary options. You are connected with your binary account, so this system will trade using the connected token. You have several options to increase your income, take some time to check all the system.
You have more then 50 strategies available to choose from, plus 8 money managements to combine and make amazing configurations. You can find more help on the telegram channel, look for the icon in the menu.
For a better experience, use the system on a desktop computer. Because of the features that you will find here, the screen size matters.


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