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After we get to know the most effective trading strategy. candle formations most often appear and are easily recognizable. Although not as popular as other candle strategies, the method of trading with Spiner candles is actually no less useful. In fact, relying on Candle Spiner can be more profitable for novice traders because the formation is more easily recognized. Identifying Candle Spiner patterns can be short. If you see that you have long shadows and have open and close candles on the same spot, the characteristic of the candale spiner is that the full body is only in line and has very little shadow or no shadow at all with the long body, then that is Candle Spiner. For more details, consider the image below:

1. How to Apply the Candle Spiner Pattern

This Candlle is said to appear frequently, it does not mean that the appearance does not mean anything. Candlestick believers must know if every part of the candle and its various patterns can be used to read market conditions. With its "unique" appearance, this Candle is able to tell the condition of a consolidated market. Characteristics of Candle Spiner which has a very Full body candle is certainly not without cause.

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 The pattern was formed because prices open and close at the very same level. The situation is considered a sign of bullish and bearish sentiment in a balanced state. But unfortunately, it has been widely explained that this candle only shows market consolidation. There is no definitive indication whether the possibility of reversal or continuation can be identified from the candlestick spiner. Sometimes, traders are advised to wait until the next candle to confirm the signal. 

This could be one of the reasons why pin bars are more popular than with the same candle shape, pin bars can be distinguished into bullish and bearish pin bars to estimate the direction of the next price. Meanwhile, the appearance of candle spiner tends not to be able to give a definite signal about the possibility of further price movements. Despite these shortcomings, it can still be used as a reliable price action analysis tool. In fact, this candle pattern can also be used to complement binary options trading strategies, especially methods that focus on finding reversal opportunities.

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