Get to know Bullish and Bearish

Bullish is the tendency of prices to increase continuously, while bearish is the tendency of prices to fall continuously. In forex trading there are lots of terms that might sound foreign to your ears.

Bearish and Bullish are ...

So Bullish is a term taken from English namely Bull which means bull and Bearish from the word Bear which means bear. Bullish is a price trend that increases continuously in a certain time period.

While bearish is a price trend that continues to decline in a certain period. This trend can be used in global or partial market conditions. The term Bullish and Bearish itself is also commonly used to refer to sentiment among traders who are optimistic and pessimistic about a financial asset even though prices have not really gone up or down.

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Bullish is a condition that can occur because of several things ranging from fundamental factors to mere market euphoria. The different causes of bullish events also affect the duration of its resistance.

Bullish and Bearish Effects on Forex Trading
When the bullish is happening usually traders will find it difficult to find the right point in making entry. In the month, although it is clear prices will rise, this increase will not occur without stopping. In fact the phase is like going up several times then experiencing a slight correction (decreasing briefly) and back up again.

Patterns and Trends in Bullish or Bearish
Some patterns and trends in bullish and bearish markets are as follows:

  • Bull Flag
  • Pennant Pennant Bull
  • Head and shoulders reversed
  • Ascending Triangle
  • Bullish Engulfing
  • Bullish Harami
  • Bullish Hammer
  • Morning Star
  • Abandoned Baby
  • Piercing Pattern

So in a bullish or bearish condition, you must have a backup plan, put a stop loss, to run a trailing stop. Technically, you can use several indicators such as pivot points, Fibonacci and others.

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