Simple Trading Strategies for beginners

If there is an easy and simple strategy, why do we have to find the hard ones !? The advantages of a trading strategy do not lie in how difficult the strategy is or how many indicators are installed. Conversely, often a simple trading strategy with one or two indicators is more profitable. What is a simple trading strategy like? Check out some of them here.

The First Is Staregi Moving Avarage (MA)

Have you ever heard the name "Moving Average? This is the simplest indicator that can be found and installed easily on all trading platforms. How to use it for trading is also very easy. You simply install several MAs on the platform, each with a different Period and color. For example, Period 5 (MA-5) and Period 20 (MA-20) .Next, observe the intersection between the two MAs to get a trading signal.

Simple Trading Strategy 2 Is Bollinger Bands 

Bollinger Bands are price volatility measuring tape which are usually installed flanking the Simple Moving Average (SMA) line. When the Bollinger Bands band above and below the SMA narrows, it means that significant price movements will occur in the near future. Therefore, the first step to carrying out this trading strategy is to install Bollinger Bands. BB is usually already attached to the trading platform, so installation is as easy as searching the Indicators menu, then selecting Bollinger Bands.That's all about the simple and most popular strategy among novice traders, I hope this article gives useful information to you ...