Alligator indicator strategy with 2 minute trade timeframes

Olymp Trade is the 2nd most popular broker after the Iq Option broker, which promises to its users and is very easy to understand besides that this broker provides a very complete feature starting from indicators, timeframes, trading times, markets, and a very real display. good when we use trading

At the time of tarding this time we will use the alligator indicator as a strategy which is very effective for when using this indicator it also includes an indicator that is very fluid when analyzing candelistic movements and signals how to analyze this indicator at an Olymp Tarde broker, how to use it like the iq option indicator broker There are 3 points that are very important for you to understand

The blue line is the jaw (jaw) of the Alligator indicator. This line is the longest period MA line (13) and is used as the benchmark of the other two lines.

 The green line is the teeth (teeth) of the Alligator indicator. Due to the shorter period (8), a signal is generated when this line crosses the blue line.

The red line is the lip of the Alligator indicator. This fastest period MA confirms when you should start opening positions.

And to analyze the movement of this indicator, there are 2 easy ways to choose to buy or sell

- If the blue line crosses the RED line from above, we will open a DOWN trade

- If the BLUE line crosses the RED line

from below, we will open an UP trade