Bollinger band trading strategy on a pocket option broker

On this occasion we will discuss about how to use the bolingger bands indicator as well as how to understand the tarding signal that appears on this indicator. the time frame

For beginner tarders, it is very important to understand this indicator because this indicator has very good accuracy and is very easy to use, please read this article to finish how to choose to buy or sell

Bollinger Bands are technical indicators for measuring volatility and determining the direction of the trend of price movements. Apart from trend direction, this indicator is also used to determine overbought and oversold conditions. Usually, in a sideways market, the price moves between two bands.

If the price breaks above l, an entry is made when the candle closes above the target close position (exit) when the price reaches the Upper Band.

If the price breaks the downward level, the entry is made when the candle is closed below with the target closed position (exit) when the price reaches the Lower Band.

from the explanation above, I think you have to be able to use the Bollinger band indicator and how to choose an open armpit, buy or sell position for more details, please see the tutorial video on the YouTube channel, we thank you